Reset Your Goals In 2019

Hi everyone. Art Napolitano, I just want to talk to you as we end the year 2018 and we’re heading right fast into 2019. It’s very important that you really reset your goals right now. 2019 is bringing what we call the NextGen compensation plan to ACN in North America and in Europe and this is a very important transition.

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In The Early Days

This compensation plan enhancement is going to increase residual income opportunities. It’s really just a stepping stone to what the ACN cofounders have in place for us. They’re bringing lots of new services, they’re investing more money than ever into providing a platform so we can easily show value with our services to our customers.

Personally, after 20 years in ACN and I’ve seen all kinds of evolutions of ACN’s compensation plan, I remember when it was just a fixed telephone business and I was working with a small bill. I remember when ETT was sponsor three Team Trainers and each person had to have six fixed telephone customers which meant six different homes and I needed 20 homes to switch their fixed telephone bill just to be an ETT. But because we did that, built three by three by three and because we each set our goal for getting a higher number of customers the billing revenue grew and our ETT’s were making more than our ETL’s where in the former comp plan.

NextGen is Here

In the NextGen compensation plan, the ETL position is the first real position after Customer Qualified (CQ) and that ETL position reminds me of the original ETT position. It’s really going to take you a little bit of work now and understanding that if you’ve been in the business already that your mindset is a little different.

If you are a new person, this is the only plan you know starting January 1st and that’s okay. It’s exciting because if you work toward this plan with the company putting up all the front end money that you’re going to see, all the Fast Start bonuses, the customer acquisition bonuses, and the personal customer acquisition bonuses, the new person is going to have real opportunities to make money just getting themselves qualified which we never had before and also for gaining customers.

Now, again pushing toward the ETL position with all of us embracing ETL in 30, 60 or maximum 90 days is the mission. Get them qualified, release the bonuses and drive them to Executive Team Leader (ETL).

We’ve been told that there could be some promotional bonuses like ETL in 30 days for a big bonus, ETL in 60 for a nice bonus, ETL in 90 days, still a good bonus. It keeps the new person focused in the game and our goals as a group in the UNI Team and the company is aligned. We want new people to have success. We want new people to make money. We want them to see the vision and taste a little bit of the money so that they want to drive beyond ETL into Regional Director.

Increase In Residual

For all those that have been in the business, you can’t just look at this plan as one piece, you’ve got to look at the whole package especially in the European markets. Do you realize that if you did a two by two model on the compensation plan you’ve been working with in Europe on the seven levels and you just put 20 customers per rep, 2 by 2, and go 254 shops you know the model through 7 levels? If you did that with the new compensation plan like they had in America for a while, level 5, 6 and 7 going to 3%, 5% and 8% that represented when I did the numbers (I was talking to Myriam De La Sierra about this) it actually came out to be a 36% increase in the payout on residual. So you need to get that part right.

NextGen plan is about the next generation of readers. It’s taking and embracing the ACN opportunity as it is now starting 2019 and driving our production with new customers, getting our people making real residual. Mike Cupisz, Cofounder was telling me; you know if you just looked at 200 customer points, just 200 customers on Level 5 and then maybe it’s 400 on level 6 and maybe it’s 800 on Level 7 not IBO’s, customers. That’s something that you could do. And if you did that and you actually calculate the money it would be hundreds of euros or hundreds of pounds just in residual from that little bit of customers.

Education is Building a Workforce – Not Entrepreneurs

Do you know what it’s like in today’s world to go get a job, to work a job, to go to work and put those hours in, to get a paycheck? Both of my kids just finished college. I’m looking at what they’re looking at. They both have phenomenal educations, they’re incredibly bright but I also know the world of a job. I know what it’s like to have a boss. I know what it’s like to be told when to take my vacations.

All of the people like my kids as they enter the workplace have got bright ideas, they have visions, they want to follow their passion. They all should! Everybody should! But then reality hits when you can’t pay the bills and when you’re tired all the time. You’ve got very little time to live because you gave yourself to a job and a boss.

I just went to a speech for my daughter’s graduation and listened to great speeches. Well said but I kept wondering how come they always keep talking about “we prepared people for a job”, over and over “for a career”. I hardly heard anybody talk about “we prepared people to go out and become entrepreneurs, to work for themselves, to understand creating assets of residual income”.

That’s what we’re doing here…!

Services and The Future

Services is how I got really attracted to ACN and not products. I love the product business. We’ve been in the product business. But ACN is at a point in time in its career because everything evolves and it’s time to get back to the roots. ACN proved it all last year, launching energy in Denmark, launching energy in Sweden, launching energy with business in Portugal and soon launching a whole package of Multiplay bundles in Portugal. Spain, we’ve got Joi Mobile, we’ve got insurance. Italy we have energy with Energie and new services coming to Italy. We’ve got France with SFR and with Joi and other services coming there. The company’s got plans to bring payment processing to Europe.

We have so many things going on in every country around the world. Never mind what I just witnessed in Columbia and the explosion of my group down there and the fact is we’re going to be opening more countries. The company already said the next phase of Latin America is going to include in no particular order but a group of countries, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Brazil.

There are such plans from this company that the best years are certainly not behind us. They’re ahead of us. You know it’s just a question of you and I looking into the mirror especially if you have been around anything close to the time I’ve been in. What are you really looking for? What do you want out of this? What do you want out of life? I love what I do! Never going to stop what I’m doing. I’ll continue to be a servant leader. And I hope you will be too.

Moving Forward With Action!

I want you to use the UNI website. We’re working hard to upgrade it, add new tools. You got to teach people how to use this, you got to get them to focus on using the opportunities section as a perfect follow up. Most people lose their new partners from joining or keep them from joining because they don’t follow up and this is a very important tool that you need to use to educate them on the value of being in ACN. Get them to register and access the training.

The Spanish team is actively and aggressively bringing us training so that we can take our Spanish speaking people and have them access the training. I’ll be doing a much better job as a leader in 2019, that’s my commitment to you. To be consistent online all the time with presentations, setting up automated presentations. My goal is to make sure that every week you can find online meetings for France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Colombia and any country wherein. I want to make sure that these meetings are online all the time and you can access them.

As we start in 2019 please go to the website, and click on my “Goals Setting Training” where I talk about how to create a mission statement. Go to the back office and take the mission statement documents down and put your goals in writing.

If you do nothing else, you don’t listen to any of the other training, or do anything else please understand the power of goal setting. George Zalucki, Jim Rohan, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, they all understand that you have to have clarity of purpose, a clear focus of what you want and that’s the only way to get your life in order.

I know I’ve gone through a lot of transition in my own life. It’s been a very crazy year. My kids are getting older I’m getting old. Life is changing. Georgia retired a few years. ACN changed, the whole world is changing, technology is changing. You know what, that’s the only thing you can count on. Everything’s going to change. One thing that doesn’t change is that if you don’t have clarity of purpose as George would famously say “you’re a wandering generality”. So get clarity of focus. Decide what you want, where you want to go and take ACN as the vehicle to drive you to that place.

Thank you very much. I’m excited about 2019 and I look forward to seeing you on the road soon.

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