105, 2019

Stories From The Field – Liju Thomas

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When I learned to be coachable it changed my life!Liju came to the United Kingdom and studied engineering to become an electronic engineer, worked up the ladder as far as senior level management.A complete stranger introduced the ACN opportunity to Liju by sharing a DVD presentation with him. When he realised the value of the opportunity and compared it to starting his own engineering business, he got started.After a year [...]

2812, 2018

ACN Compensation Plan Transition

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Reset Your Goals In 2019Hi everyone. Art Napolitano, I just want to talk to you as we end the year 2018 and we're heading right fast into 2019. It’s very important that you really reset your goals right now. 2019 is bringing what we call the NextGen compensation plan to ACN in North America and in Europe and this is a very important transition. In The Early [...]

305, 2018

The Big Picture

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Rotterdam 2018, An Event To Remember The February 23-25 ACN European International Convention was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands just one week after the 25th Anniversary North American Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The UNI Team was honored in Charlotte as Senior Vice President and 18x Circle of Champions Member Art Napolitano received the companies prestigious “Global Expansion” Award. For nearly two decades the UNI Team has been the leading [...]

205, 2018

A Look Back at Rotterdam 2018

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Exciting Times Ahead with ACN After 2 weeks on the road and visiting Spain, Portugal, Italy and England after the Rotterdam event, SVP/COC Member Art Napolitano finished his tour in Dundee Scotland. After a packed PBR at the home of RVP’s Alex and Philly Alexander, Art and Alex discussed the announcements in Rotterdam. They highlight the future of ACN Europe and expand on the reasoning that this is the [...]