A Look Back at Rotterdam 2018

//A Look Back at Rotterdam 2018

Exciting Times Ahead with ACN

After 2 weeks on the road and visiting Spain, Portugal, Italy and England after the Rotterdam event, SVP/COC Member Art Napolitano finished his tour in Dundee Scotland. After a packed PBR at the home of RVP’s Alex and Philly Alexander, Art and Alex discussed the announcements in Rotterdam. They highlight the future of ACN Europe and expand on the reasoning that this is the most exciting time ever to be joining ACN. Alex and Art offer insights from their extensive history as ACN Pioneers. The banter between alex and Artie shows their friendship and chemistry and is entertaining, informative and inspirational. This is a video you don’t want to miss!

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The February 23-25 ACN European International Convention was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands just one week after the 25th Anniversary North American Convention in Charlotte North Carolina. The UNI Team was honored in Charlotte as Senior Vice President and 18x Circle of Champions Member Art Napolitano was recognized for leading the UNI Team which has been a pioneer helping lead the way for ACN’s Global Expansion.  President Greg Provenzano stated that ACN would not be where it is today without Art and George and the UNI Team overrides approx. 85% of all European customers. Mr. George Zalucki took the stage at the Time Warner Arena as he delivered a powerful keynote speech on personal accountability and leadership.

In Rotterdam, ACN co-founders Mike Cupisz and President Greg Provenzano break-through European Plans for improving the EU portfolio of services in 2018. The arena was electrified when hearing about ACN’s 2018 commitment to the European markets. The goal of expanding the service portfolio was clearly defined for the thousands in attendance. ACN’s goal is to provide 3 core services in all EU Countries. The first core service is to be in the energy business in all deregulated markets. The second is to offer a competitive mobile phone service with our own brand Joi Mobile or through a mobile partnership. Third, we plan to deliver some type of broadband multi-play bundle.

The next European International Event is scheduled for Oct 12-14 in Barcelona, Spain. Given the excitement generated by the Rotterdam event, production has skyrocketed and we expect a record number of people in Barcelona. Be sure to reserve you place today!

2018 EU Announcements from Rotterdam include new Service Offerings in 10 Countries:

  • The Netherlands – New broadband agency deal Q2, NL- JOi Mobile 2018
  • Norway – Exploring Home Security partnerships 2018
  • Sweden – Exploring Home Security partnerships and researching SW Energy opportunities 2018
  • Denmark – JOi Mobile bundle SIM launch Q2 and exploring DK Energy opportunities for 2018
  • Germany – JOi Mobile Q4, improve DE Broadband partnerships, DE- Security in 2018
  • Portugal – Business Electricity through ALDRO Energy partnership Q2, PT Business GAS and Residential Electricity 2018, developing a New PT partnership with Broadband, Phone, TV and Mobile 2018
  • Italy – Better commodity pricing with ENGIE and JOi Mobile in 2018
  • Spain – JOi Mobile with handsets, financing options, handset insurance 2018, SP-Broadband multi-play Q3, SP- Insurance for Health, Home, Auto and more Q2
  • France – JOi Mobile Family Plans and a 2GB JOi Tablet Plan, Launching a new FR energy partner in 2 phases, FR Energy Alpha Launch Q2 with Full Launch Q3
  • United Kingdom – 2018 initiatives include UK Mobile handsets with financing options and handset insurance, UK Broadband multi-play and UK Merchant Services (credit card processing)

Be sure to register for the Barcelona International Training October, 12-14 2018

  • Remember All EU IBOs have a 30 day period from their start date to get a special discount to the next EU Int’l Training
  • Be sure to get your new Team Trainers qualified in their first 30 days to release the Customer Acquisition Bonuses
  • Make sure all IBOs know the Retail Customer and Fast Start Bonuses available to them
  • All new IBOs should set a goal to be an ETT or ETL in their 1st 30 Days
  • The Speed of the Leader reflects the Speed of the Group…what speed are you setting?
  • Set a Team Trainer Production Goal each month.
  • Are you using Autoship….Sign up for auto-ship to receive FREE Shipping and an extra 5% discount of our Benevita and Alumine products
  • Be sure that all your IBOs watch Art Napolitano’s “Recruiting” Training to become a master recruiter on the UNI Team YOU TUBE channel

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