When I learned to be coachable it changed my life!

Liju came to the United Kingdom and studied engineering to become an electronic engineer, worked up the ladder as far as senior level management.

A complete stranger introduced the ACN opportunity to Liju by sharing a DVD presentation with him. When he realised the value of the opportunity and compared it to starting his own engineering business, he got started.

After a year of complete failure on his own in ACN, he confronted his own employer for a pay rise and he realised that a job is never designed to make you wealthy.

He went back to his mentors in ACN and declared that he was ready to be coachable. Taking their advice, he went to an event and observed the power of the opportunity and how it hanged their lives.

He made a decision that day that if anyone can do this, then I can do this!

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Success leaves clues

In ACN we don’t build a business, we build people and people build your business. We build relationships.

“The moment that you decide that this business is just about you making money, you’ll be a failure. If you give enough people what they want they’ll give you what you want”, says Liju.

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