From Bollywood actress to leading lady in her own life!

Originally born in German and of Pakistani descent, Hina moved to the UK and found herself working in Asian TV. Shortly thereafter she was cast in a number of Bollywood movies and moved to India.

While enjoying success as an actress, an unfortunate incident forced her to give up acting and she returned to Germany. Back home she realised that a traditional business was not for her and moved to the UK. She couldn’t imagine working a business in an outdated way and wanted to live her life on her terms.

A friend introduced her to the ACN opportunity and the concept of residual income, which she was familiar with as an actress. “It made sense”, says Hina.

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Moving Forward… NextGen!

“It’s the future, it’s online”, says Hina. Everything is changing. Even the movie industry is being affected by change. ACN offers her everything she wants under one roof!

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