A successful director in the film industry… Now directs his own success with ACN!

Coming from a very small background in India, Gunjan worked hard to established himself in the film industry.

“My mum is the visionary and my dad was a hard worker, I learned to work hard from my dad and my vision from my mum, but I never learned smart work”, said Gunjan.

An opportunity brought him to the UK to improve his life, but he still had to work hard to build his career.

He was introduced to the ACN opportunity by a stranger and he understood it straight away. He had never heard of Network Marketing before but understood the principle of earning residual income.

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Sharing a simple message.

As a master of creating content for entertainment, Gunjan and his team set about to help share the message by helping Art to create the well know animated video “Time Money Trap” to help relay the information quickly.

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